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Better Data. Innovators of the Future. GSN Labs.

We are believers in using data to to build better user experiences for shoppers and deliver results for clients. We have built an enormous amount of data via shopper behavior on our network website’s and partner website’s along with the POS data we recieve. We are constantly looking at the data to better understand the shopper and build better tools and solutions that meet their everyday needs. It should be noted that we care deeply about user privacy so we never share data with 3rd parties and we only use data when the shopper agree’s to share it with us. However, we think that when a shopper shares their data with us it benefits them because we’re able to give them a better experience.

We are also innovators. Having investors and developers in Silicon Valley helps us keep up on the latest technology trends and stay ahead of the market when it comes to digital shopper marketing. We are invested in what the future might hold for retailers, brands and shoppers, which is why we dedicate hours each week to testing new products and solutions.

We are connoisseurs. We like to share our shopper marketing research in the form of blog posts, video’s, press releases and white papers. We welcome you to follow us and learn more about where shopper marketing is heading.

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