Merchandising The Digital World

In-Store Marketing is on the Rise.

From Kraft Foods in-store “Meal Planning Solution” to mobile smartphones equipped with apps, shoppers are more engaged than ever while they are shopping. If you already didn’t know, the Kraft Foods Meal Planning Solution is a kiosk in-store that can scan your face, loyalty card, or connect with a Kraft app to make recipe recommendations. While there is a lot of noise with these advancements, it’s important to understand that technology should make the shopper’s experience seamless.

That’s why we focus on our digital shopper marketing platform. We’ve understood the shopper on a deep level, which is why we’ve built solutions for the shopper to take their shopping list, coupons, recipes and overall experience with them wherever they go. So when a shopper plans their grocery trip at their work computer, they can easily view their list while they shop using their mobile device in-store. We are also working on perfecting triggering offers while they are shopping. Our platform is also very flexible so if a retail or brand partner wants specific elements of and app to work with an in-store kiosk, we can work with you to accomplish that as well.

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