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Digital Shopper Marketing – It’s at Our Core!

At Brick, Inc. we like to say we’re “Where the Path to Purchase Begins.” That’s because our digital grocery advertising network, promotion and planning solutions engage shoppers before they enter the store, right at their store’s website – just when they’re searching for specials, making their shopping lists and finalizing many of their purchase decisions. And that’s especially important given that over 75% of today’s grocery shoppers plan many of their trips and purchases outside the store.

But reaching shoppers at the right time is only the beginning. Brick’s unique digital solutions also enable marketers and retailers to dynamically target their highest potential shoppers at this critical point in the shopper’s path to purchase. We do so by integrating actual shopper sales data with personal profiles – and target key shopper prospects with an unmatched level of personalization.

This powerful application of digital shopper marketing results in significant awareness, trial, acquisition, retention and ultimately sales. The proof? With a shopper database using millions of loyalty card users we don’t simply track impressions or CTRs, but actual in-store POS sales results. And what this depth of shopper insight tells us is that Brick, Inc. advertisers experience significant and measurable incremental sales gains.

It’s solutions and data based measurement capabilities like these that have made Brick, Inc. the industry’s leading digital shopper marketing solution provider. With over 80 grocery chains stores representing over $35 billion in sales, and many of the world’s leading CPG brands, Brick, Inc. is the leader in the digital grocery advertising vertical and shopper planning market. We look forward to working with you…and taking your shopper marketing and advertising programs to new levels.


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