Is Your Brand Searchable?


This past weekend I had the privilege of driving the new 2011 BMW 535i. It’s a really nice car, but beyond the nice handling and comfort of the car, one thing stood out to me. The technology in this car is just magnificent. One of the features that the car boast in it’s technology package is the ability to search for any item using the built-in Google search functionality on the Navigation unit. To be specific, you can search for a few million points of interest using the Google and BMW database. Here is a video demo of the product.

Pretty cool, right? But that got me thinking. What if your place of business is not searchable in the first place? Would someone who searches for “bagel” or “dinner” find your location? Well, the answer is no.

Here’s the thing. Getting found on search is pretty important. Now, you might say, “Hey Robert, not a lot of people are searching for locations and items using their car.” You might be right. I will not debate that point, but the general idea is that people search for brands and products a lot, just in different form factors. It might be on their computers, or on their mobile phones, or heck in some futuristic world (maybe now), in their cars. Let’s be real, digital is everywhere. It’s hard to ignore. People want instant information and search allows for that instant information.

Getting your business indexed for search can be hard work. Sometimes you need to hire an “expert”. We can do that. However, a simple and easy first step would be to go to Google Places and have your business indexed on the Google maps. It’s a pretty simple process that you can do yourself. Now, that’s just a start, but it will get you headed in the right direction and make you gain more visibility. As always, I welcome your comments.