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A website is just not enough for today’s shopper. You need to add value and engage your shoppers. Shoppers want a seamless way to plan their trip from products on the shelf, unadvertised specials, weekly circulars & flyers, recipes, coupons, etc. A website with GSN Shopper Planning solutions does just that and helps you increase sales and loyalty. Grocery Shopping Network was founded over 10 years ago with a strong foundation in Shopper Planning which is today known as Shopper Marketing. Today, our Digital Shopper Marketing Platform excels at delivering an exceptional experience to your shoppers while driving incremental sales for you. There is no need to add IT resources to use the Digital Shopper Marketing Platform because we’ve made it simple to use. The best part? The platform integrates with mobile and social media.

Components of the Integrated Shopper Planning Platform:
  • Personalized Shopping List Integrated Between Web and Mobile
  • Clickable Digital Circular Between Website and Mobile Platforms
  • Digital Coupons Integrated Between Web and Mobile
  • Recipes and Cooking Videos Integrated Between Web and Mobile
  • Personalization Engine that Finds the Best Specials Weekly for Your Loyalty Card Holders
  • Email Integration and Marketing
  • All services are fully documented webservices that can be delivered through an API to any digital property or application
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