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A Built Alliance with Brands to Engage Your Shoppers and Drive Sales.

You already have a website that engages with shoppers, but wouldn’t it be nice to combine Brand messaging to optimize your digital shopper marketing efforts and drive revenue at the same time? That’s why we’ve built our Shopper Engagement Network. It’s an easy to integrate solution hosted on your website that allows you to provide relevant savings and educational messaging from CPG brands and deliver personalized communications to your shoppers at the same time. You don’t need additional sales people. GSN handles all that for you.


Benefits of GSN’s Engagement Network:
  • Deliver Personalized Shopper Messages from Major Brands
  • Work Seamlessly with CPG’s to Drive Product Velocity In-Store
  • Integrates Easily with Current Digital Executions
  • Brand Messages only Appear on your Website if you Carry the Products
Supercharge Your Retail Presence

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