Food Recommendations via Facebook Connect

Amazon Recommendations

I was just reading an article on HubSpot about the impact Amazon’s Facebook integration will have on eCommerce (link here). It’s a good article, simply because I think there is a lot of personalization and recommendations that Amazon can dig up through someone’s social preferences on Facebook. For example, Amazon can pull my friend’s birthday’s and then list out what music they might like based on what music was listed on their Facebook profile. It’s a pretty powerful way to give product recommendations.

While I think recommendation systems like this can work for the majority of shopping experiences, I think there are challenges with grocery shopping in particular. This is simply because there is a lack of grocery related preferences on Facebook. The current Facebook preferences a user has to enter on their profile are broken down by the following categories:

  • Education and Work
  • Religion & Political Views
  • Favorite Music, Books, Movies, TV Shows and Games
  • Favorite Teams and Athletes
  • Activities and Interest
  • Fan Pages

Notice the glaring omittance of Favorite Foods? As someone who works with grocery retailers to provide their shoppers more value, I’d personally like to see Facebook add a category that allows people to list their favorite foods. This would allow more grocery retailers to make stronger food related recommendations to consumers who are connecting via Facebook on their website. So Facebook, when are you going to allow your users to highlight their food preferences? Sure, there are Facebook fan pages, like Starbucks, Pancakes, Brownies, etc that allow you to do that, but when are users going to enter more preferences?