Digital Shopping Tools Create Buzz Among Redner’s Markets’ Customers

Grocery Shopping Network (GSN) delivers remarkable results to Reading, Pennsylvania based Redner’s Markets in first year of digital shopper marketingprogram. Redner’s Markets owns and operates 42 Warehouse Markets and 17 Quick Shoppes in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

“Strengthening our digital marketing strategy has been a long-term goal for our organization and we are very happy with the results our partnership with GSN has provided,” said Ryan Redner, Chief Operating Officer of Redner’s Markets. “As our shoppers continue to migrate towards the digital world, we have expanded our digital offerings to provide greater value and better access to tools and resources that are helpful in planning a trip to one of our stores. Our overall goal is to provide our shoppers with the same great services and resources they have enjoyed in our stores for the past 42 years on their mobile device, home computer or preferred digital medium.”

GSN’s digital shopper marketing solutions enable retailers and brands to jointly optimize their digital shopper marketing efforts to benefit the shopper as well as each other. This combination of resources assists retailers and brands in driving web and in-store traffic while providing comprehensive ROI measurement by harnessing:

  •     Global Web Strategies.
  •     Retail Media.
  •     Data Driven Marketing Solutions.
  •     Targeted Brand Messages, Educational Content, Savings Offers.


“As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, shoppers have more choices than ever. Cutting through the clutter is a distinct challenge in this environment and data driven marketing solutions are enabling retailers to engage shoppers in a meaningful way that increases value for the shopper,” said Robert Krajeski, President of Grocery Shopping Network. “Our ROI based digital shopper marketing platform assists retailers in driving in-store and digital traffic while providing shoppers with a tool to manage and customize their shopping experience. This combination is unique to the industry and highly effective, as displayed in the great success of our partnership with Redner’s Markets.”


About the Grocery Shopping Network (GSN):
The Grocery Shopping Network, Inc. offers digital shopper planning and marketing tools for grocery retailers, Consumer Packaged Goods, and most importantly, shoppers. GSN’s goal is to provide a more valuable digital planning tool for grocery shoppers that will make their shopping experience (whether online or in-store) significantly better. The result of this improved shopper engagement is increased loyalty and revenue to their grocer, and more effective marketing vehicles for the Consumer Packaged Goods firms that partner with them. GSN’s expanding suite of shopper solutions includes integrated website, mobile, social and digital advertising software and programs designed to stand alone or enhance and extend existing efforts. For additional information about Grocery Shopping Network, please visit our website at

About Redner’s Markets, Inc.:
Redner’s Markets, Inc., an employee owned company, currently operates 42 Warehouse Markets and 17 Quick Shoppes throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Redner’s is committed to supporting the community in which each Warehouse Market and Quick Shoppe is located through a variety of supportive partnerships and enrichment programs. Redner’s continually strives to provide the lowest prices, freshest product and the outstanding service our customers have come to expect for 42 years. For additional information about Redner’s Markets, please visit their website at: