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Grocery Shopping Network and ShoptoCook Partner to Bring Digital Advertising to Larger Grocery Audience


MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Digital media specialist, Grocery Shopping Network ( (GSN) and ShoptoCook (, solution provider to the retail grocer industry, today announced a distribution partnership to bring Grocery Shopping Network’s digital advertising from brand and agency clients to ShoptoCook’s extensive retailer network of grocery websites and in-store kiosks.


GSN continues to broaden its reach of consumers by establishing distribution partnerships with key solution providers in the grocery industry. These partnerships expand the size of the network and broaden consumer reach across the entire path to purchase. ShoptoCook’s entire retailer network of over 100 retailers and 1,200 stores will exclusively accept digital advertising from Grocery Shopping Network. The ShoptoCook solutions include websites, kiosks, digital coupons and recipes for grocery retailers.

“We are excited about our partnership with Grocery Shopping Network and their ability to work with national CPG brands and advertising agencies to reach consumers across the entire path to purchase. Retailers are striving to consistently deliver a seamless, relevant and value-laden experience to consumers across all shopping channels. Grocery Shopping Network enables us to significantly enhance the shopper experience while offering meaningful differentiation for the retailer,” says John Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of ShoptoCook.

Realizing consumers are more engaged than ever while they are shopping, CPG clients of Grocery Shopping Network will be able to reach millions of shoppers at the point of decision.

“Grocery Shopping Network is excited to work with ShoptoCook as one of our key distribution partners. GSN’s access to ShoptoCook’s extensive network of retailers and consumers significantly expands GSN’s shopper reach, enabling its CPG brands to more effectively communicate with their targeted consumers. Through GSN’s shopper engagement programs, ShoptoCook retailers will deliver an innovative and unique experience to their shoppers, build loyalty and enjoy a significant advantage in the highly competitive grocery retail industry,” says Michael Hess, President of Grocery Shopping Network.

About Grocery Shopping Network

Grocery Shopping Network, Inc. (GSN) connects consumers, retailers and brands through its premier content, advertising, and solutions for the grocery industry. GSN provides CPG advertisers unique and exclusive advertising platforms within its network of retail grocery sites, enabling brands to expose their core marketing objectives to an active grocery shopping audience. GSN’s suite of advertising solutions allows brands to target consumers on retailer’s websites and throughout the entire Internet. A leading destination for retailers and brands to reach shoppers, Grocery Shopping Network continues to develop innovative solutions to engage shoppers across the entire path to purchase including web, mobile, payment terminals, kiosks and social media. For more information, please visit

About ShoptoCook

ShoptoCook supports retailers and manufacturers in selling more perishable and grocery products by providing shoppers searching for meal ideas with an engaging, quick, and relevant solution to meal planning. ShoptoCook technology targets consumers directly at point-of-purchase. ShoptoCook develops on-demand interactive digital media technology solutions to meet the retail food industry’s needs. For more information, please visit:



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