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Albin Andolshek II, President – 


John Gaughan, SVP Media Sales – Mr. Gaughan came to the Grocery Shopping Network in 2010 to pursue the opportunity to improve digital shopper acquisition and monetization best practices for Retail Grocery Store Chains and Consumer Product Goods companies. John has been responsible for developing and implementing these ideas that have proven to be more than 5X more cost effective while generating 8X the engagement versus Display Banners on GSN’s Retail Partner Sites. Additionally, these ideas have produced valuable volume and scale for CPG companies to buy into and high CPM’s for Retailers. Also, Gaughan has led Business Development and User Acquisition initiatives aimed at creating “outside the site” messaging platforms and new foot and web traffic for GSN’s retailer partners. These solutions have produced up to a 150% gain in traffic for multiple GSN Retail Partners.
In his four years at North American Media Group John led a media sales team that achieved revenue growth that exceed expectations and was 20X larger then when John initially began. John, grew his team to a total of 14 people and was responsible for the training of over 50 print sales representatives in his tenure.
As employee number 4 of Top 20 Web Property ‘Weatherbug’ Mr. Gaughan led and contributed to vital initiatives that included the creation and management of over 160 different user acquisition channels. Additionally, John quickly became well known for creating and implementing unique monetization idea’s that conveyed a new paradigm in monetary efficiency’s in Digital User Acquisition Strategy. Mr. Gaughan also initiated and negotiated major Business Development partnerships with many Industry leading companies including AOL, Google, Ask Jeeves and several others. John received his BA degree from the Arizona State University.




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