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GSN started in April of 1996 as a developer of Internet Web sites for the grocery industry. In 1998 the company added to its product offering. was a pioneer in on-line grocery shopping. With this experience the company moved forward with a new vision of utilizing household level purchasing behavior to intelligently market to consumers. GSN commenced development of proprietary software in-house, and added recipe and cooking content with the utilization and implementation of in 2001. GSN purchased the Beeline scoring database in 2003 and successfully integrated the scoring assets into the most proficient and effective scoring engine ever created for the grocery industry, as part of its core software development. The addition of SKU Finder in 2004 and final internal software development and market testing of the GSN suite throughout 2004 and 2005 gave GSN a market leading position in its Web services offerings.

GSN further expanded its technology base in 2006 by partnering with DoubleClick to display, measure, and audit product advertisers’ offers. Combining GSN’s existing technology with an ad serving engine enables GSN to display the most relevant advertisements for each individual consumer based on histories and associated trends. Today, GSN mines data in 17 million households in North America on daily basis.

Intellectual Property

The Company has made a series of acquisitions:

  • 1998: Acquired was a software platform that enabled online grocery shopping.
  • 2001: Acquired – A recipe portal with more than 65,000 kitchen-tested recipes with nutritional and dietary content. In addition to the recipe database, also provides a library of educational cooking videos. now supplies all of its content to AOL Food through web services with attribution links to
  • 2003: Acquired the Beeline scoring database – A scoring engine funded by Symbol Technologies and developed by Beeline. This engine uses algorithms to score data that pre-shops sale items in the grocery store based on history, entire store inventory and discounted items.
  • 2004: Acquired SKU Finder – A real-time capability for digital asset management that allows access to information and graphics to populate ads and databases. This is also easily searchable and deployable for new web site launches.
  • 2006: Began aggregation of websites to deploy national display advertising network (using DoubleClick Ad Serving Technology)
  • 2014: Established strategic partnership with Quantum Digital Connections for Mobile, Analytics and Engagement solutions.
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