Merchandising The Digital World

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: make digital shopper marketing technology work for you. As your digital shopper marketing technology partner, we are continuing innovation in everything we do with brands, retailers, web publishers and shoppers.

The company vision is realizing the full potential of the Internet, grocery shopping, savings and education messaging to drive a new era of technology driven integrated marketing and merchandising programs for shoppers, brands, and retailers.

Our History

We started in 1996 with a simple idea to provide grocery retailers with shopping planning software that would enable their shoppers a better planning experience. A lot has changed since 1996. Shoppers have more choices than ever. It has become more difficult for retailers and brands to find and motivate shoppers while they are at key moments of purchase decision.

Today our content has expanded to reach shoppers across the web, on mobile and on social media, which is why we are a top destination for many retailers and brands to reach shoppers.

Company Update

Grocery Shopping Network assets have been acquired by Brick, Inc.

Please contact Albin Andolshek for more information on Brick, Inc. and going forward plans at

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